To aid in ensuring your worksite compliance and safety, Simpel provides a fully integrated hardware/software solution.


Integrate your existing daily declaration form in Simpel ensuring only inducted, declared and checked workers can enter your site. Workers access the declaration directly from their dashboard and answer your customised questionnaire, with all entries recorded in the daily declarations dashboard.

Issue customised daily declarations forms as a site access prerequisite directly in worker dashboards.

Hardware integrations enforce compliance requirements at the site entrance.

Audit data through intuitive dashboards for Biometrics, Site Access and Daily Declarations.

Integrated infrastructure means your compliance requirements work together in harmony.


Integrated hardware/software solution can ensure only workers with a completed daily declaration and acceptable biometric scan are granted access to site.

Audit live and historical data.

Export data with 100% accuracy instantly for off-system analysis and reporting.


The biometrics dashboard provides you with a fully auditable history of every biometric scan made on your site for the purposes of compliance and safety.

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