Simpel’s Application

Simpel was created to seamlessly bring together the key functionality needed to take your development and construction project from concept to completion.

Not just a highly intuitive, paperless and customisable construction management platform; Simpel is designed with flexibility to transcend the property industry’s needs catering for:

Builders & Contractors


Property Investment Funds

Property Services Firms

Our functionality

Simpel is a cloud-based application designed to work on all device types. Developed utilising extensive construction and property knowledge, Simpel brings together enterprise level functionality that spans across the following elements.

  • Site access via integrated QR code.
  • Induction, site visitor and safety evacuation system.
  • Supply of turnstiles/gates and related hardware.
  • Access all file formats and documents anywhere anytime, all within one central and secure location.
  • We provide ultimate search functionality including version control and auditable history linked to our communication module.
  • Our unique customisable document pattern matching system allows for the efficient upload of your documents without changing your internal file naming conventions.
  • All data is securely held with Microsoft Azure cloud services based in Australia, providing our clients piece of mind.
  • A fully integrated email system at a personal, project/property and organisational level ensures continuity in communications.
  • Emails are tracked and can’t be deleted to ensure all project correspondence is retained.
  • Unique to Simpel is our users ability to respond from external email systems (outlook, Gmail etc.), whereby all correspondence is automatically sent back through the application in an audited way.
  • Comprehensive safety management platform including customised dynamic e-forms to imbed uniformity in safety processes and operations.
  • Create safety punch lists and issue tasks with real time review and analysis.
  • Company / worker certificate and identification uploads for enforcing strict WH&S compliance.
  • Online inductions for companies, workers and plant.
  • Fully integrated tendering suite with the ability to send tenders to external users of Simpel.
  • Automate elements via tender addendums, notifications, Q&A and alters.
  • In built tender tracking and a single source of information.
  • Ability to “lock down’ the tender phase historic information, providing a searchable and fully audited document set to limit potential disputes.
  • Simpel untangles current clunky, inflexible and administration-heavy processes; applying a unique “3 click” design functionality. This serves to safeguard interests by ensuring the correct controls are in place to identify, prioritise and manage tasks and risks.
  • The system allows for specific targeted correspondence and task management so users aren’t overwhelmed with issues irrelevant to them.
  • All information is centralised and quickly accessible for each project user via their dashboard.
  • Punch lists can be issued whether for defects, safety issues, RFI’s or any project requirements, and tasks issued accordingly.
  • Dynamic e-forms can be created and customised to your organisations needs to ensure operational uniformity.
  • Managing the property occupier (ultimate client) whether for sales or leasing, brings with it inherent risk to all property projects.
  • Our dynamic e-forms allow for immediate customisation of paperwork to create uniformity across your organisation and projects. This includes the ability to create client sign off forms to mitigate the key risks associated with sales and leasing.
  • Simpel comprises a market leading pre-settlement and defects inspection module to transform the way in which the property industry mitigates the subjective and cumbersome settlement process. This same process applies to the way in which pre-tenancy reporting is carried out.
  • Electronic enquiries, inspections, project updates and communications are all captured efficiently to ensure our clients have line of sight and a single source of information.
  • Flexibility is in built with Simpel. We take the same process principles and workflow methodologies used in construction, and seamlessly apply them to existing assets.
  • Building owners are able to undertake key activities including general property maintenance (periodic maintenance), tenant fit out works, building capex or major works including contractor tendering, engagement and management.
  • As all asset management elements are captured in our single application, should staff leave an organisation, the corporate history of a building is not lost providing continuity in management and operations.
  • Simpel ensures you have access to key project data, delivered to you in real time.
  • Project dashboards are customised to graphically display the elements most important to you.
  • Reports can be generated and are linked to the customised e-form you put in place at project inception.

The application is built in modules allowing our clients to use specific elements or adopt the full functionality offered. Simpel is built to grow with our clients and additional functionality is in development.


Simplicity is best

Construction is complex enough without the burden and disadvantage of having to use multiple and disjointed software platforms. Simpel was created to seamlessly bring together the key functionality needed to take your project from concept to completion.

Flexibility is in built with Simpel. We provide you the ability to customise key administrative tasks including electronic forms and workflow protocols, without the need or expense for custom built software.

Our unique “3 click” design methodology has been meticulously devised to ensure that the complications of construction and development are overcome and streamlined for all users.

This makes the application highly engaging to drive productivity and create cohesion for your entire project team.

Why Make Your Site Simpel?

Highly Intuitive

Built user centric from the ground up (sub-contractor to client) in a simplistic way so the key users never need to read the manual.

Risk Management

Simpel provides continuity and accountability from project inception to operation, including managing third party risks. All data is centralised and trackable, mitigating risk at each stage of the development cycle.

Organisational Efficiency

We provide you the tools and flexibility to customise your company’s forms, paperwork, preferred workflows to facilitate uniformity across your organisation.

Project User Engagement

To ensure there are measurable productivity gains our application provides targeted correspondence and task management via a personalised dashboard so users aren’t overwhelmed with issues not specific to their role.

Easy to Adopt

Minimal to no training is required for the majority of users meaning the switch to Simpel is seamless with minimal interruption to your business.

Ability to Adapt

Our system is built to grow with our clients and if there is additional functionality required we will deliver it, within a short time frame.

Track Record

With over a $1.4 billion in projects utilising Project Simpel, and over 40,000 users of other Simpel software products, our record speaks for itself.

Support & Maintenance

We are committed to providing expert support and maintenance and operate on a 99.7% error-free rate and downtime.

Security & Privacy

We partner with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services hosted here in Australia for their well established and tested protocols for encryption of communications, security and threat management of stored data.

About Us

Simpel Group is an Australian multidisciplinary software development company who solve complex and challenging business problems by creating clever software that is long-lasting.

Our core philosophy is perfecting the art of removing traditional paper-based systems. Project Simpel is our latest in house designed and developed enterprise level cloud-based software, which allows a property project to be taken from concept to operational stage within one application. Despite being an industry newcomer, Simpel has amassed over 40,000 registered users of its software products.

Our founders and management team have over 50 years combined senior experience in software engineering, property development, project and asset management. You can be assured this application has been designed by a team with strong industry knowledge.

Client Feedback

  • We tried many of the leading industry applications but couldn’t find software that could manage our development and construction pipeline in a cohesive and user-friendly way from start to finish. Then we met the team at Simpel who were happy to work with us and adapt their software to create something we consider industry leading. We have now exclusively mandated them for our $1.5 billion project pipeline.

    Damon Smith - General Manager, Geocon