QR Docs module

Stop teams building
off old drawings & specifications

QR Docs are your first line of defence against rework and quality issues downstream

QR Docs module

Eliminate delays and misinformation on-site by providing workers with fast and easy access to the latest plans and documents they need, and help them build it right the first time.

Using QR Docs helps close the information gap between the office and workers on-site by providing fast and frictionless access to documents and drawings, via smartphone or tablet.

A quick scan of a QR code opens up linked documents, enabling quick access to the latest schedules and drawings without the need to be logged in to the system.

Hilton Palmer, Project Manager with FDC Construction and Fitout, has implemented Simpel on worksites and can attest to their effectiveness:

“We used to have regular meetings with our subcontractors and we'd find plans onsite that were version one, when we were up to version 11. They were still building off version one.

The feedback on QR docs is amazing. Now subbies are getting faster access to the right drawings. We receive less questions about versions because they've got direct access to the latest ones through QR docs."

How to use QR docs in 4 easy steps

Say farewell to paper plans

Your worksite can now go paperless!

QR docs not only provides faster access to plans and documents, they negate the need for paper plans altogether. Going paperless on your site will prevent the communication of outdated information or drawings, and the linked files in QR Docs become the ‘Source of Truth’ on the worksite.

"Nowadays with Simpel, we have no plans on our building sites. We rarely see a paper plan because the subcontractors just go scan the QR Doc and get it up on their phone or tablet, and they've got access to it straight away. It's easier and more reliable."

QR Docs are easy to configure and use onsite

QR Docs integrates with your Document Management module on Simpel

  • In the QR module, admins upload or update the QR docs folder tree as often as required
  • Bulk upload documents 
  • Pattern matching functionality recognises your file naming conventions which ensures document versions are linked and old documents are retained
  • Admin sets user permissions to manage access and confidentiality (if required)
  • Save new document in the folder
  • Workers can now view the document. They don't have to be logged to view files
  • Can be used by visitors or assessors who don't have a Simpel account, or set to private to limit visibility only to workers on the project
  • Import/export all file types and formats

Prevent Document Duplication

When new documents are uploaded to the document register, they supersede old versions and automatically become linked to the QR code that is already on the worksite. This saves visits to the site and ensures everyone on the team has access to the most recent document version when they need it. 

Any worker who scans a QR code connected to that document will only be shown the new version. You can also elect to notify workers of an update to the document. 

Get everyone working off the same plan

Simpel Essentials includes a range of modules to help you organise, share, collaborate and revise your documents.