Functionality Pack

Bookings & Warehousing

Coordinate crane and site resources, manage your supply chain, and capture key logistical data

Centralise your bookings and logistical data in one accessible location

Bookings and Warehousing

Bookings and Deliveries

Replace your whiteboard with a real-time online scheduling tool. Create efficiencies in the booking, storage and handling of goods including integration with on-site resources such as cranes, alimaks and forklifts.


  • Intelligent selections remove the guesswork when making bookings, and resource clashes are highlighted or prevented
  • Separate locations into zones to simplify booking requests and better manage large or complex projects
  • Control who can request and manage bookings
  • Automatically reschedule resources if delays arise on-site so all parties are notified immediately
  • Send SMS and email notifications to key workers
  • View daily bookings on any devices, or on-site TV screen with the Bookings Dashboard
Bookings and Warehousing


Track goods movements and maintain full oversight with an updated, itemised list of goods in storage across all your warehouse locations. The Warehousing module records the movement history and location of all goods.
Bookings and Warehousing

Automated Cycles

Create sequenced template bookings for any recurring on-site processes like concrete pours


  • Pre-schedule recurring and multi-day bookings with your subcontractors to optimise coordination
  • Booking templates automatically account for site-specific overrides such as site lockout times
  • Streamline multi-step bookings to sequence over a day, week, or month
  • Pre-set cycle days, times, workers, resources, and locations
Bookings and Warehousing

Track Logistical Data

Generate reports on goods movements and warehousing to gain business insights and improve operational processes


  • Isolate data such as peak delivery periods, how long resources were utilised for deliveries, number of bookings, number of deliveries per project and locations/zones for delivery of items
  • Perform analyses of booking data to improve productivity, utilise items of plant more efficiently, and identify areas for improvement
Bookings and Warehousing

Set Booking Parameters

Assign specific users as licensed operators of site resources


  • Add/remove your team or external subcontractors
  • Set acceptable early/late finish times for bookings, and request explanation for bookings completed outside of booking period
  • Operators can view assigned, pending and overdue bookings