Functionality Pack

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage the advantages of a single unified platform to get your project data working for you

Connected, real-time data at your fingertips

Whether you're using one module or many, your data in Simpel is real-time and can be analysed any time. Put it to use to gain valuable operational insights and guide your business operations.

Reporting and Analytics

Dashboards and Data Charts

Dashboards provide immediate project and organisational insights derived from data within each module. Compile accurate datasets and key metrics for specific parameters and time periods - whether it's a single day, week, month or the entire project lifecycle.


  • Key operational counts, work patterns and trends are available for analysis to help measure performance and improve productivity
  • Raw data and reports branded with your logo can be printed, and are suitable for internal or client reporting
Reporting and Analytics

KPI Tracking

Specific key performance indicators can be tracked and managed across projects


  • Key Performance Indicators can be set so you can monitor and identify compliance within your site teams
  • A traffic light notification system is used to convey performance relative to set indicators
Reporting and Analytics

OData - Data Exports

Harness the power of your data! Utilise your preferred business intelligence tools to identify and analyse trends at both a project and organisational level.


  • Extract key real-time data across all modules instantly - no need to contact Simpel to request your data export
  • Isolate data at the project, organisation, company or modular level
  • Select the data set and export via CSV file
  • Useful for internal or client reporting purposes