Functionality Pack

HSE Management

Digitise your HSE processes and empower your team to deliver a safe and highly coordinated worksite

HSE Management

Compliance and Inductions

Streamline the process for personnel reviews, inductions and compliance checks to create a highly coordinated, safe and intelligent worksite.


  • 'Simpel Passport' - A single profile for each user, organisation, and item of plant enables re-use of data and removes the need to re-enter data across projects
  • Delegate responsibility for uploading insurances etc., to contracted parties as a pre-condition to work on the project
  • Request workers complete Part A induction prior to arriving onsite, e.g. uploading tickets and qualifications which can be done from their phone
  • Customisable induction form can include company videos and questionnaires
  • Set alerts to advise users and project teams about expiry of certificates for organisations, workers and plant
HSE Management

Plant Management

Simpel allows you, or your subcontractors to manage plant and equipment efficiently by streamlining the induction and inspection processes


  • Pre-register plant to speed up import of plant details by workers 
  • Customise induction and review forms specific to each plant type with sign-off required by your team or operators
  • Each item of plant has a unique QR code to enable instant review of the plant's documentation and history when on site
  • Receive system generated alerts notifying your team of certificates that are nearing expiry
  • Set inspection reminders with requirements to add photos and records
HSE Management

Incident Management

A holistic approach to incident management facilitates accurate and complete documentation of incidents across projects and organisations. Integrated data records allow you to filter and populate the Incident Management dashboard with only the relevant information needed to monitor incidents, and identify trends, patterns or warning indicators for corrective action.


  • Pre-set classifications and workflows according to incident type
  • Use predefined user permissions to limit access to confidential health or other sensitive information
  • Report incident details, including injury classifications, and issue and track HSE actions
  • Link incidents to workers and plant, including inductions records and SWMS/safety plan sign-offs
  • Embed electronic forms into investigation reports and utilise system generated notifications to ensure the management team remain updated on progress and sign-offs
HSE Management

SWMS and Safety Plans

Submit, review, sign-off and revise your SWMS/safety plans with full auditability and real-time tracking so your site remains compliant


  • Upload SWMS/safety plans and assign workers
  • Nominate organisations that need to sign-on to the SWMS/safety plans at the submission stage
  • Review the status of SWMS/safety plans in real-time and monitor sign-offs across all projects
  • Send notifications to assigned workers to prompt them to sign-on to their SWMS/safety plan
  • Module enables project teams to collect signatures from workers directly and digitally witness them
  • Maintain accuracy and currency of information with status tracking and version history for all SWMS and safety plans for the duration of the project
HSE Management

HSE Forms and Inspections

Convert paper-based HSE systems into customised electronic forms that integrate task management and workflow processes to ensure rigorous controls over quality, compliance and reporting.


  • Standardise safety walks, inspections, and site observations to ensure your site teams are meeting the required legislation and greater compliance
  • Issue tasks and instructions with pre-set forms that are completed within specific time-frames and criteria
  • Set project safety and inspection KPIs to check your site's adherence to company policies
  • Implement consistent site protocols and help subcontractors close out tasks with a “3 click” design
HSE Management


Effectively manage and communicate the review, sign-off and completion of permits for high risk works. Permits integrate with the induction and SWMS/safety plan functionality which ensures only compliant and certified workers sign-on to project permits.


  • Replicate your existing processes with custom permit templates and embedded forms
  • Develop approval and completion workflows to automate and enforce compliance
  • Enforce permit monitoring at pre-defined intervals and review progress on the Permits Dashboard
  • View and distribute a daily run sheet containing active permits, or display a live scrolling TV feed on-site
  • Instantly retrieve all permit details by scanning unique QR posters to identify the type of works, assigned workers and monitoring requirements
HSE Management

Visitor Management

Streamline the review and approval of visitors whilst ensuring your compliance requirements onsite


  • Provide an easy way to register visitors to your worksite
  • Ensure visitors details are captured and recorded for future reporting requirements
  • Prevent non-compliant worksite entry
HSE Management

HSE Observations

Provide subcontractors with the ability to digitally notify, raise and document HSE matters in real-time, allowing your site teams to action and resolve safety risks before they result in a serious issue


  • Centralise documentation and assessment of observations, assign HSE actions to workers, and track actions through to completion from one dashboard
  • Allow workers to raise site observations on their personal account; including location details, severity and photos
  • Track progress of raised observations through the HSE Observations register
  • Utilise the HSE Observation Dashboard to gain insights into recurring issues, by type and subcontractor
HSE Management

Daily Declarations

Daily Declarations allow you to issue compulsory forms to each worker


  • Insert directly into each worker's dashboard
  • Daily Declarations forms can be customised 
  • Option to make completion a pre-requisite for site entry
HSE Management

Site Notifications

A more effective way to send notifications and ensure messages are recorded and received by all workers who have entered the worksite


  • Send faster communications by text and/or email
  • Include management team in communications as required
  • Deliver safety notifications, notices about exclusion zones or other worksite announcements
HSE Management

Site Diaries

Site diaries are easily maintained and searched, and include automated weather reporting that reference the GPS coordinates of your sites.


  • Automate company, worker and plant induction counts that are populated from site access records
  • Flag issues against specific companies
  • Review diary inputs from your team to collect site history information
  • Use site diary entries to audit and retrieve historic records
HSE Management

Safety Documentation

Central and accessible safety documentation can be made available for your whole project team.


  • Centralise storage and access to documentation so all workers are aware of safety requirements
  • Manage confidentiality with folder security controls
  • Directly link files to other modules, like permits
  • Audit the history and version of every document
  • Link safety documentation to the 'QR Docs' module for fast distribution and retrieval