Limit the finger-pointing to drawings

Keep everyone working off the same page with an all-in-one workspace for drawing review, markup and collaboration

Eliminate the miscommunication that leads to avoidable delays and rework

As the industry knows all too well, EOT/variations and rework are often attributed to people building off wrong or outdated drawings

Some consultants are still printing off drawings, marking them up by hand, scanning and emailing them back to the developer or contractor who then transfers the markups into their system. When project-critical documentation goes offline the project team loses all ability to record, track and audit these collaborations.

Whilst speciality drawing software exists, it’s often on a pay-per-user basis and becomes too costly to roll out across the whole team.

In reality, most people in the team don't need all the functionality that specialty drawing software offers, but everyone does require access to a core set of tools that allows them to review changes, add comments and markups, and share them with the team.

Drawing Module Functionality

Seamless collaboration begins with connected workflows within a single project delivery platform

Designed for use on-site and in the office, this module offers navigation and search capabilities, a drawing comparison and markup toolkit, as well as powerful collaboration with viewing permission controls.

The built-in workflows also help to streamline issue resolution and QA, making it easier to manage and trigger EOTs and variations.

Drawing Collaboration

Search, view and navigate to drawings faster

  • Search by document name and within drawings
  • Easily navigate between drawing versions and click through internally linked drawings
  • Track your position between drawings via a visual document tree
  • Share and export from the same window
Drawing Collaboration

Not sure what's changed? Compare versions instantly

  • Compare drawings by selecting two revisions and overlaying them on your screen
  • The built-in overlay tool automatically highlights differences with contrasting colours
  • Helps avoid cost blowouts - reduce EOT/variations and rework by ensuring everyone is aware of changes and are building off the latest drawings
Drawing Collaboration

Mark up and Annotate Digitally

  • Markup drawings individually or invite and manage collaborators
  • Select clouds, notes and arrows from the toolbar containing industry markup tools
  • Take photos, attach to drawings, and add comments (without needing to exit module)

All published drawings and collaborations remain digital and auditable, reducing miscommunication and driving accountability within the team

Drawing Collaboration

Collaborate on Drawings

  • Accelerate collaboration and issue resolution by sharing published markups instantly
  • Collaborator's can maintain focus by hiding other user's markups, then add new markups and publish new versions
  • Set 'view-only' or 'edit' permissions at project group or user level
  • Adjust permissions at any time via real-time security controls
  • Retain an auditable record of published drawings and collaborations through the integrated mail and document register
  • Issue RFI's and email correspondence to formalise collaborations and establish an auditable communication trail
  • This module also integrates with the EOT/variations register to enable creation of an EOT/variations workflow - connecting drawings with communications, sign offs and approvals

Put an end to delays and rework

Simpel Essentials includes a range of modules to help you organise, share, collaborate and revise your documents and drawings.