Functionality Pack

Simpel Essentials

Keep everyone on the same page by centralising your project data, comms and documents into a single location

Simpel Essentials

Document Management

Establish clear document management and communication protocols to ensure effective collaboration. Easily share documents with your team, contractors and third parties.


  • Set user permissions to manage access and confidentiality
  • Import/export all file types and formats
  • Bulk upload documents using pattern matching functionality which recognises your file naming conventions
  • Send transmittals and view records, including ‘read’ and ‘received’ indicators
  • Identify and audit superseded documents, revisions and variations
  • Unlimited data storage and option to archive data for 7+ years or whilst Simpel is used
Simpel Essentials

BIM Viewer

Simpel offers industry leading BIM technology to allow you to review Revit models, CAD files and other common formats, allowing your design and on-site teams to review models instantly.


  • Easily review designs through a web browser by leveraging our Autodesk integration
  • Maintain records of BIM model access
  • Grant varying BIM access permissions to ensure oversight across consultants
EOT variation register dark blue icon

EOT and Variation Registers

Easily track and manage extensions of time and variations through complete document and email history which provides full data provenance of all correspondence, reviews and approvals.


  • Group correspondence to specific EOT and/or variations
  • Workflow approvals can be set with sequential digital sign-offs
  • Add notes and link multiple workflow approvals
  • Export a real-time project summary
Communication RFIS

Communication and RFIs

Simpel syncs with your existing email provider so that all inbound/ outbound correspondence is categorised and linked at the person, project and organisational levels.


  • Correspondence cannot be deleted, is regularly backed up and can be searched at any time
  • Electronic forms can be embedded into emails to standardise correspondence
  • Set custom categories to faciliate search, e.g. transmittals, RFIs and contract notices
Simpel Essentials

Drawing Collaboration

A flexible, all-in-one workspace for drawing review, markup and collaboration both on-site and in the office.


  • Search within drawings, share and export from the same window
  • Easily navigate between drawings via a visual document tree
  • Compare drawings by overlaying two revisions, automatically highlighting changes with contrasting colours
  • Markup drawings individually or invite and manage collaborators
  • Set 'view-only' or ‘edit’ permissions before sharing drawings to your team or third parties using the integrated mail system
  • Allow collaborators to view, turn on/off other user's markups, add new markups and publish new versions
Simpel Essentials

QR Docs

Bridging the gap between the design and build phases, documents can be made available with just a QR scan - no permissions required.


  • A quick scan of a QR code opens up linked documents
  • View linked files without the need to be logged into the system
  • Can be used by visitors or assessors who don't have a Simpel account, or set to private to limit visibility to workers on the project
  • Admin sets user permissions to manage access and confidentiality
  • When new documents are uploaded to the document register, they supersede old versions and automatically become linked to the QR code that is already on the worksite
Capture and markup project photos and share from a central location.


Capturing and sharing project updates with your team is now faster and more intuitive. Take photos, markup and annotate straight from your dashboard and share via a central library to provide the whole team with a visual record of a project’s progress.


  • Categorise, view, and search photos by album, organisation, author, description, or time frame
  • Edit photo descriptions and make edits or annotations on the photo itself
  • Supports role-based permissions to manage each external parties’ ability to view and/or upload project photos
  • Create public links with descriptions to share photos with third parties
  • Keep track of shared links and assign expiry dates
  • Print custom photo reports
Simpel Essentials


Workflow types and settings can be customised to standardise the review and approval process for items such as shop drawings, sample approvals and contracts


  • Set parallel or sequential workflows
  • Drive accountability throughout the project lifecycle using the automated tracking of workflow activities, document changes, correspondence and comments.
  • Monitor and control workflow deliverables by issuing activities and requests at the user and company level
Tendering dark blue icon


Tender processes remain transparent and easy to follow through maintenance of a central register of all information and correspondence related to the tender.


  • Invite existing users, as well as external 3rd parties into the tender process.
  • New document changes, inter-party correspondence, addendums and alerts are stored and tracked in the register and updates are posted to tender participants.
  • Tender indexes can be generated by the principal and tenderer so everyone is clear what information they should be pricing