Document management for development & construction

Searching for the best document management system? Here's what to look for in your next system

How does your current document management system compare?

Have you had subcontractors build off an old drawing, or a team complete a variation without signed approval? If so, then you'll be familiar with the challenges of managing documents onsite

It can be an uphill battle to keep the whole project team across the design and contractual aspects of a build, particularly if some workers are still working off spreadsheets and paper.

Retaining oversight over your team's communications and project-critical documentation is paramount to reduce the risk of design, approval or construction delays, rework and EOT/variations. The only way to achieve this level of transparency and document control is using a purpose-designed document management system for the property and construction industry.

What can a modern document system deliver for developers and contractors?

Construction focused document management systems offer much more than just a place to store your plans and contracts. What makes a document management system invaluable is the role-based permissioning, revision controls, workflows with hold points, and automated document controls that have been built into the software. Together, these facilitate real-time access, transparency, security, and auditability across your organisation.   

Document management systems also deliver efficiencies through workflow automation, notifications and an audit trail that helps you track receipt, views, and time-stamped document revisions across the construction project lifecycle.     


Document Management for Development & Construction
The functionality to look for in your next system

Document Management for Development and Construction Projects

Seamless connectivity between modules and functionality e.g. emails, RFIs, tenders

Centralised functionality means that every aspect of your project can be viewed and managed from one system which becomes the 'single source of truth'. This ensures synchronisation of shared project data and processes across people, companies and processes, and facilitates accountability and collaboration.
Document Management for Development and Construction Projects

Auditable collaborations across documents and emails

Cut your admin time and eliminate the need to track read receipts and document versions. Now you can audit the open, edit and change history of every document, and formalise correspondence via internal mail to establish an auditable communication trail
Document Management for Development and Construction Projects

Ability to set role based sharing and permission controls

A granular security matrix provides administrators with the option to create defined roles and specify view, edit and share permissions on an individual, module or project basis
Document Management for Development and Construction Projects

Instant on-site access to the latest documents and drawings with just a scan

Maximise worksite document sharing via easily scannable QR codes. From consultants, to contractors to subbies, the team will always have access to the latest drawings and construction documents onsite, ensuring no one is building off the wrong plan.
Document Management for Development and Construction Projects

Easily supersede documents with rapid revision uploads

Manage revisions and update any number of drawings within seconds using automated document controls that identify and supersede existing drawings using your organisation's naming conventions
Document Management for Development and Construction Projects

Intelligent transmittal automation

Automate tracking of communications sent/received between stakeholders in your project, ensure everyone in the team is automatically made aware of revisions, and rest easy knowing records are securely stored for later reference
Document Management for Development and Construction Projects

Centralised file storage in the cloud

Provide your team with a reliable, single-point of access to the latest project documents and drawings. Real-time file synchronisation ensures that everyone can view and update to the latest documents from any location and any device.
Document Management for Development and Construction Projects

Flexibility to upload and view ANY file type

Allow your team and external parties to easily view and share a full range of file formats without leaving the software. Built-in viewing software eliminates accessibility issues and removes the need for third party file viewers or conversion software.
Document Management for Development and Construction Projects

Automatic alerts and notifications for tasks and changes to files

System generated notifications keep key members of your team across important updates in project tasks, workflows and documents, including sharing and document revisions.

Get everyone working on the same page

Our Simpel Essentials functionality pack includes: emails/communications, RFIs, QR docs, EOTs/variations and drawing collaboration - providing all you need to organise your document management processes and achieve greater transparency and reporting capabilities on your next development or construction project.