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Site Access

Mitigate the hazard of having unknown, untrained and non-compliant workers onsite

Site Access

Site Access Dashboard

Monitor entry and exits and maintain a real-time register of daily movements across your projects and organisation. Real-time entry checks help you reduce the risk of having unknown, untrained and non-compliant workers on site.


  • Within milliseconds of an entry attempt, Simpel confirms a worker's identity, checks induction status, and successful completion of a daily declaration form.
  • If checks are green, then the worker is permitted entry. If not, gate hardware won’t permit entry and a system alert is sent to management
  • Flap gates, turnstiles, tablet kiosk and QR posters integrate into induction and HSE modules
  • Dashboards provide a fully auditable history of every workers compliance on your site
  • Utilise access data to analyse safety and resourcing trends
Site Access

Turnstile Gates

Simpel’s proprietary access systems have been designed to share data and connect into your system in real-time. Turnstiles are pre-configured to connect into your dashboard and Simpel modules. Turnstiles include 4G data router and a plug and play solution enabling fast on-site installation.


  • Brushless motors and high quality stainless steel components for installation indoors or outdoors
  • Ability to suspend/revoke worker access anytime
  • Anti-pass back functionality permits only one scan of a QR code per entry and exit
  • Gates are pre-installed with emergency exit break-glass
  • Set access times to enforce work hour requirements and generate data for reporting or audits
Site Access

Flap Gates

Simpel’s flap gates ensure controlled site access through instant workforce safety and compliance checks. Biometric cameras can be used for facial recognition to provides for the highest level of compliance.


  • Each worker's induction, daily declaration and records are checked in milliseconds denying or allowing automated access
  • If biometric cameras are used, the system can also check whether the worker is wearing a mask (if it's a pre-requisite to entering the site)
  • Export data with 100% accuracy for contact tracing and analysis
Site Access

Biometric Systems

Biometric facial recognition provides the highest level of compliance for your worksite


  • Biometric facial scanners can be integrated into turnstiles, flap gates and half-height gates 
  • Facial scans are checked against inducted and approved workers within milliseconds 
  • Entry is automatically rejected for non-approved workers and an automatic notification of attempted entry is sent to management
Site Access

Tablet Kiosk and QR Posters

Tablet kiosks with optional biometric scanners, and QR posters provide an alternative method for recording site movements. QR codes can be scanned from phones, printed cards or hard hat stickers, to capture site movements


  • Tablets with or without biometric cameras can be used to log workers and visitors movements via either a QR code or facial recognition
  • QR posters allow workers to sign in and out without the need for electronic devices or physical barriers
  • QR posters can also be used to create sub-access areas within or external to the site
Site Access

Evacuation Management

Send notifications to manage evacuations or deliver project communications to onsite workers


  • Send notifications by text and/or email
  • Notifications can be sent to each onsite worker and management teams on a selected project  
  • Also used to deliver safety communications about exclusion zones or other worksite announcements  
Site Access

Workhour Reporting

Maintain full oversight over worked hours by with real-time work hour reports


  • Record work hours via digital capture of each worker's site entry and exit
  • Generate and export real-time work hour reports and filter by organisation or by worker
  • Compare contractor invoices with digital work-hour records to check agreement between charges

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