Simpel integrates industry-leading BIM viewing technology directly into the Documents module, allowing your design and onsite teams to review models instantly.


Simpel’s in-built BIM viewer module allows you and your team to convert and view any BIM file format held in the Documents module. This can include Revit models, CAD files or any other common file formats. Seamless integration allows your entire team to view these files types without the need or expense of custom software.

Powered by industry leading AutoDesk BIM technology.

Every interaction with BIM documents are tracked and fully auditable.


The BIM module integrates with the Documents module’s version control and audit tracking functionality. When a new version of a file is uploaded, the model is automatically superseded and converted to ensure everyone is working on the same information. Extend permission to manage BIMs beyond the project team to let consultants manage their own models in-system.

Supersedes and reversions to documents automatically propagate to their BIM counterparts.

Grant BIM conversion permissions to your workforce to keep oversight across consultants.

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