Simpel’s Task Management modules will make you responsive, flexible and systematic by responding to issues as they appear and implementing workflows and procedures without having to sit down at a computer. You will enforce accountability by assigning tasks to organisations and individuals and know exactly what has and has not been completed to standard.

Electronic Forms

Simpel allows you to convert your paper-based systems into customised electronic forms that integrate tasking and workflow processes to ensure rigorous controls over compliance and reporting. Uniformity in process makes it easier for all project participants to understand their responsibilities.

Make life easy for your subcontractors with consistent site protocols and a “3 click” design functionality meaning most users need no training.

Create auto generated reports with your company logo for any form created and chose what information to show.

Set project and inspection KPIs to obtain a real time health check of your site teams' adherence to company policies.

All your electronic forms can be undertaken and reviewed in the one place.

Task Management

Our phone-friendly design displays tasks in a targeted and intuitive dashboard so everyone can easily find and respond to their important to-do items. Tasks are easy to follow up on and give you alerts when they go past their due date so while you can quickly respond on site, you can be thorough as well.

You can choose to undertake quick tasking or utilise a punch marker task linked to a document or drawing.

Detail and assign tasks with photos or files all from your phone or tablet.

We provide a central communication platform via email or text to ensure information is fluid to all those on and off site.

You can categorise tasks as you prefer including by specific trades, site and building locations.

Tasks are easy to follow up on and give you alerts when they go past their due date.


Punch lists allow you to communicate clearly to your team by combining sets of tasks marked against a specific set of drawings.

You can mark pins on a drawing, photo or document, and attach tasks to those pins meaning you can do a comprehensive inspection and task employees and subcontractors on the spot to fix issues and action changes.

Assign punch marker tasks to organisations and/or individuals with supplementary attachments and comments as needed.

Automatically inform the primary contacts of the tasked organisation when issued.

Issue a daily task summary of all new tasks and export punch list data to analyse and or follow up delays.


Workflows allow you to combine document or drawing review activities into higher level procedures, from a SWMS assessment, shop drawing review or even a contract negotiation. This allows you to follow up on groups of tasks easily, and those in that workflow can communicate on that specific issue effectively.

Workflows streamline and standardise the review and approval process.

Users can customise workflow types and settings, including whether the process is a parallel or sequential review.

Workflow activities are issued to each company and user allowing you to control and monitor the workflow deliverables at any stage.

All workflow activities, document changes, correspondence and comments are tracked and controlled through an automated process to drive accountability throughout the project lifecycle.

Attachments can be uploaded from Simpel's document management system or files can be uploaded externally providing an audit path for all information.

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