Simpel provides a whole of project HSE risk mitigation solution which gives users the ability to imbed procedural uniformity and customise key administrative tasks including electronic forms and workflow protocols. This holistic approach improves HSE culture and the workplace risk profile becomes defined by clear communication, agility of reaction, and unity in HSE operations.

WH&S: Targeted Risk Management System


Simpel streamlines the process for personnel reviews, inductions and compliance checks which are all undertaken online. A profile is created for each organisation, user and item of plant providing a central database to ensure clarity on the workforce, their qualifications and suitability to engage with the project.

Users only need to create a profile once which allows them to induct to multiple organisations and projects – providing a free platform to store their qualifications and certificates.

Customisable dynamic forms allow you to upload induction videos and imbed questionnaires as your project requires.

QR codes are allocated to all users, including plant and visitors, which integrates into Simpel's ‘Site Access’ systems.

Alerts inform users and project teams if certificates have or are soon to expire for workers and plant.

Plant can be pre-loaded into Simpel allowing it to be quickly inducted into sites with re-inspection reminders scheduled.

Electronic HSE Forms

Simpel allows you to convert your paper-based systems into customised electronic forms that integrate tasking and workflow processes to ensure rigorous controls over compliance and reporting. By standardising and streamlining safety walks, inspections and observations you can ensure all your site teams are meeting the required regulation and legislation to ensure a higher rate higher rate of compliance.

Site diaries, SWMS reviews, audits, permits and all your HSE paperwork can be undertaken and reviewed in the one place.

Issue tasks and instructions with pre-set electronic sub forms that are completed to your specific timeframes and criteria.

Set project safety and inspection KPI’s to obtain a real time health check of your site teams' adherence to company policies.

Create auto generated reports with your company logo for any form created and chose what information to show.

Easily respond to regulatory change through the customisation of forms and procedure.

Make life easy for your sub-contractors with consistent site protocols and a “3 click” design functionality meaning most users need no training.


Punch lists allow you to communicate clearly to your team by combining sets of tasks marked against a specific set of drawings.

You can mark pins on a drawing, photo or document, and attach tasks to those pins meaning you can do a comprehensive inspection and task employees and subcontractors on the spot to fix issues and action changes.

Assign punch marker tasks to organisations and/or individuals with supplementary attachments and comments as needed.

Automatically inform the primary contacts of the tasked organisation when issued.

Issue a daily task summary of all new tasks and export punch list data to analyse and or follow up delays.

HSE Analytics & Reporting

Simpel gives the ability to centralise and analyse HSE data across the total lifecycle of the project. This includes key aspects such as man hours worked, work patterns and task trends which is critical to measuring performance, improving productivity and data driven decision making.

Export all relevant data relating to site access, electronic forms, tasks and workflows at any time without the need to contact Simpel.

Identify where and who is creating issues or delays to operations.

Combine projects and analyse trends across your key suppliers.

Have access to all your operational data using Simpel’s full suite of functionality.

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