Simpel connects and empowers everyone involved in the life of your project to ensure they collaborate and communicate effectively. Our human-centric design built in concert with industry and the needs of our clients relieves the need for tech-savvy admins and allows everyone to get value out of the system.

Project Communications

Synchronising with your existing project communications, Simpel categorises, tracks and stores all correspondence as you require it. Information cannot be deleted and it’s easy to find with clever backups and easy searching to ensure no information is lost.

Emails are stored at personal, project and organisational level to ensure project continuity while ensuring you have a historical record to draw upon.

You set the categories as you require for each project including elements such as transmittals, RFIs and contract notices.

Each user has access to the communications module which links to their existing email address.

Unique to Simpel is your ability to respond to email correspondence via your external email (Outlook etc.), whereby emails are automatically sent through Simpel to ensure the audit path is not lost.

Simpel’s smart electronic forms can be embedded into emails, and rules put in place to automate specific information being issued to the right members of your team.

Document Management

Having the correct document management protocols in place is critical to every project. Your team, including your consultants and subcontractors, will be able to contribute collectively to ensure they are on the same page. Everyone can be held accountable as all document changes and correspondence are tracked.

All file types and formats can be uploaded and stored including BIM models.

Our intelligent transmittal automation means no documents fall between the cracks.

At the end of the job you can extract the folder structure you created within Simpel including the categories, files, revisions and historic data.

Strict confidentiality can be enforced through folder security controls.

The customised document pattern matching system provides rapid document and revision uploads, while maintaining consistent naming conventions within Simpel.

You can instantly audit the history and version of every document.


Simpel keeps the tender process transparent and ensures a single information source by streamlining communication and information dispersal. Questions and answers, addendums, document changes, alerts and other key information is stored, tracked, and clearly posted to all tender recipients.

Tenders can be issued to existing Simpel users or you can choose to invite external third parties into the process.

The tenderers can quickly and easily identify all relevant tender information from a single location linked to their dashboards.

Tender indexes can be generated by both the principal and tenderer so everyone is clear what information they should be pricing.

You can add and remove parties during the tender process and undertake evaluation periods as required.

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