Simpel enforces your HSE policies as part of site access, to give you more control over your work site and keep everyone safe. With Simpel the induction process will be simpler and less repetitive, and compliance will be more easily enforced and monitored.

WH&S: Targeted Risk Management System

Site Access

Simpel allows you to mitigate the hazard of allowing unknown, untrained, uncertified and un-inducted workers on site.

With Simpel’s turnstiles or tablets, workers sign in and out of site using their individual QR codes which can be on their telephone or printed and placed on their helmet.

Site teams can also manually scan workers onto site directly from their phone and check workers details through the same process.

Send broadcasts to all those on site for general information or to carry out an evacuation procedure.

Generate man hour reports in real time or produce monthly reports broken down by organisation and worker.

Set access times to enforce work hour requirements and have the ability to quickly obtain data for reporting or audits.

Moving between projects is faster with Simpel as users create one profile which they use between projects, so no-one has to upload their information more than once.


Providing a central database to ensure clarity on the workforce, their qualifications and suitability to engage with the project.

Simpel notifies you when a worker is not compliant, so you can easily follow up on out of date documentation by sending an email or direct text from Simpel.

If you want to check the induction and certifications of anyone or plant on site, you can simply scan their QR Code using your phone and all their details will appear on your screen.

You may suspend or revoke access for those not adhering to the site rules at any time from any device.

Customise inductions across different sites, you have full control over your procedures.


Integrated biometrics and automated worker compliance checks ensures controlled site access.

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