Create efficiencies in the booking, storage and handling of goods including integration with onsite resources such as cranes, alimaks and forklifts. Think just in time delivery principles for the construction sector and replacing the whiteboard with a real time online scheduling tool.

Uncomplicated Calendar

Simpel’s booking module distils the detail into an easy to use and straightforward calendar which can be viewed as a daily, weekly or summary view, including a daily run sheet to make life easy for your foreman. Any clashes are clearly displayed and changing or approving only requires a few clicks.

Create greater collaboration and coordination with your suppliers and subcontractors.

Take away the guess work when making bookings of the correct delivery zone and resource through intelligent selections.

Capture and analyse resource utilisation data to improve productivity.

Team Effort

Everyone with permission can see and request a booking within the site calendar to optimise coordination . You can easily check these details to ensure that the booking is being used effectively and safely. The load on you and your team is alleviated, and resource management becomes a team effort.

Avoid booking clashes while also retaining the control as lead contractor to override bookings where a priority arises.

Upload a site and resource map to illustrate the options available, so users make informed bookings.

Auto remind those with upcoming bookings and third-party companies that may be involved.

Operator Screen - Data and Information

Identify pain points and facilitate the most efficient use of your site resources with Simpel’s booking module data. The operator of each resource has a clear and concise screen in which to fill out issues with their jobs. This information, along with more general calendar data, is reported to you so you can quickly identify pain points and inefficiencies.

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